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angelsphonebox's Journal

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3 September
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I live in BC on Vancouver Island. I have been reading Torchwood fanfic for a little while and have been so inspired by all the amazing authors out there that I finally wanted to start commenting and maybe even try my hand at some of my own. I have a lot of wide ranging interests in movies, tv and music. Some of my favourite shows are Doctor Who, Torchwood, Being Human and Supernatural. I generally prefer British television to American but it depends on the show. I love too many movies and music to even begin to start. I love to read and have always wanted to try writing. Maybe I'll be brave and try posting some fanfic. Basically I'm looking forward to connecting with all the amazing and talented people I'm finding here and on Dreamwidth. Not sure of the ettiquette on friending but if you are interested please friend away! I tend to be a bit shy but am trying to come out of my shell. :0 !

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